Roots in Scotland…

Reformed Presbyterians have also been referred to historically as Covenanters because of their identification with public covenanting in Scotland, beginning in the 16th century. This act was a protest for Christ’s crown rights over the state and the recognition of Christ as King over the Church without interference from the government.

Transplanted to America…

In 1743 the first Reformed Presbyterian congregation was organized in North America. On this continent, too, the Kingship of Christ has been maintained as a foundational principle of our denomination.  To learn more about our foundational principles and distinctives visit www.reformedpresbyterian.org

Established in Beaver Falls

When Geneva College was relocated to Beaver Falls, PA in 1880, a cluster of Reformed Presbyterian Churches sprouted.  The College Hill Reformed Presbyterian Church was founded in the 1890’s and moved to its present location in 1924.