Mission and Vision

“Changed by Christ to change the world”

The mission of the College Hill Reformed Presbyterian Church is to glorify God as a people loved, called, and changed by Christ to be a worshipping community of grace and hope, who love and serve God, one another, our community, and the world.

Our five ministry focus areas are:

Worship… our joyous and vibrant response to the triune God who alone is worthy of praise

Fellowship & Community…the process through which we develop a community of acceptance, enjoyment, caring, and encouragement of one another in Christ

Nurture… our instruction and encouragement of one another, including our children, in the gospel of grace so that we become more like Christ,  are empowered by the Spirit, develop one another’s spiritual gifts, and unity of heart and mind.

Service… the use of our gifts, interests, and resources to meet needs in the congregation and community seeking to bring a foretaste of His Kingdom

Evangelism & Outreach…our intentional communication of the good news of Christ by word and deed with the expectation that God will draw people to Himself and continue to build His Church.