College Ministry

It is our desire here at College Hill to not just provide College students with a place for
worship, but rather we invite you into this community. We desire to see you grow in your walk
with the Lord and in your service for his Kingdom.

We recognize that one of the major things that God uses to help us grow is relationships.
We are called to live the Christian life together in community. Therefore, we invite college
students into this community to learn with us what it means to find our satisfaction in Christ.
We invite you college students to be involved in three ways:

  1. Church life we invite students to be involved in the worship services, church
    school, and other church activities. We invite you to serve where you can and to be
    intentional to get to know others in the congregation.
  2. Student Swarm Every Lord’s day evening all the college students are invited to
    what is basically a fellowship and food night. Most of the time it is at the Martin’s
    house across the street from Geneva Arms. Come and join us.
  3. DASH Groups DASH stands for Discipleship, Accountability, and Service on the
    Hill. These DASH groups are made up of 3-4 college students who commit together
    to grow in the Christian life. Each group has a mentor who leads them through
    Discipleship, Accountability, and Service.

We want to grow together into the fullness of Christ.

If you have questions please contact Pastor Titus Martin at or (412)251-4290.